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Industry Leading Digital

Build Brand Awareness and Drive Sales,
All While Increasing Your Reach to a Targeted Audience.

Website Advertisement

Scaled to fit any size budget with consistency and frequency, your message is seamlessly embedded throughout insightful B2B content.


Targeting Options: Run of Site, Channel or Product Category


Target a particular audience segment by seamlessly embedding your message throughout insightful B2B content.

Our newsletters reach the right audience with the right information.

Each digital newsletter has a targeted subscriber list based on the applicable brand and/or subject matter that’s curated from the most relevant content from our website and print publications.

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This sophisticated email marketing program pinpoints your target audience using data driven information and drives targeted marketing messages directly to their inbox.

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This venue gives you ample space to:

  1. Announce Important Company Updates

  2. Showcase New Product Offerings

  3. Introduce Upcoming Events

  4. Gain Valuable Industry Insight Through Surveys

Video Promotion

Your customers are watching more videos than ever before. Harness this opportunity to align your video with relevant industry content, whether it is a short video ad or a teaser for a longer segment.

Amplify the Value of Your Video with:

  1. Pre-Roll Video

  2. In-Content Video Ads

  3. Featured Video

  4. Connected TV

Social Simulcast

More than 92% of B2B prospects consume online video. Wield the power of the most engaging product on the market, and stream your live or pre-recorded video across multiple social media platforms simultaneously.


This is an excellent way to cover:

  1. Product Launches

  2. Live Event Coverage

  3. PR News & Announcement

  4. Product Walk Arounds

  5. Or Any Other Promotion!

No Video, No Problem!

Check out our Content Creation Services

Social Media Extension

Using our proprietary 1st party subscriber data from our websites, we can target a specific core audience with sponsored advertisement across various platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Target our website users as they browse their social feeds.

Use any social ad options, including:

  1.  Image

  2. Carousel

  3. Show Now CTA

  4. & More!

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With smartphones being the primary source for engagement, place your commercial in one of our established podcasts. Commercials can be supplied or recorded for you.

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Learn. Innovate. News. Knowledge. Your L.I.N.K. to Global Supply Chain Intelligence. This podcast channel encompasses interviews with industry experts on targeted topics such as state of the industry, food safety regulations, automation in the industry, labor shortage and more. 


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